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2009年9月19日 (土)

Super Grandma - P6

[英語] ブログ村キーワード

今日の英語で読書 : 島田洋七著、「佐賀のがばいばあちゃん」は、私の大好きな本です。読むだけではもったいないので、英語にしてみました。原文は著作権がありますので掲載できません。まだ読んでいない人はぜひ書店等でお求めください。

 "Super Grandma in Saga"
     Original Title :
  "Saga No Gabai Bachan"
      Written by :
    Yohichi Shimada
  Translation into English
    By Mike Matsutani

I wished my aunt stayed here as long as possible.
A few days later, however, she said to me, "I'm leaving for Saga tomorrow. Please see me off at the station with your mom."
The next day, Mom and I went to Hiroshima Station to see her off.
I was happy to go out with Mom after a long time.
When we got to the station platform, a steam locomotive was coming.
"The express, TUBAME, bound for Nagasaki is coming", we heard the announcement.

Aunt Kisako got on the train, but she kept standing at the door.
"See you, sis."
"Give my best regards to Mom, Kisa-Chan."
Aunt and Mom looked as if they didn't want to leave each other.

When I said, "Aunt Kisako, please come back soon.",
the departure bell rang.
Just before the door closed, someone pushed me from behind.
Looking back, I found it Mom.
"What did you do to me, Mom?, I asked.

<< to be continued tomorrow >>

I wished ~ as long as possible できるだけ長くいてくれればなあと思った
leave for Saga 佐賀に向けて出発する
see me off at the station 駅で見送る
I was happy ~ after a long time 久しぶりに母と外出できてうれしかった
When we got to ~ was comming 駅のプラットホームに着いたら汽車がきた
bound for Nagasaki 長崎行き
Aunt Kisako 喜佐子叔母さん
kept standing at the door ドアーの所に立ち続けた
See you, sis 姉さんまたね
give my best regards to  ~によろしく言ってくれ
Aunt and Mom ~ leave each other 叔母と母はお互い別れたくないかのようだった
departure bell rang 発車のベルが鳴った
just before 寸前に
from behind 背後から
what did you do to me, Mom? 母ちゃん、なんてことすんだよ

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