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2009年9月14日 (月)

Super Grandma - P2

[英語] ブログ村キーワード

今日の英語で読書 : 島田洋七著、「佐賀のがばいばあちゃん」は、私の大好きな本です。読むだけではもったいないので、英語にしてみました。原文は著作権がありますので掲載できません。まだ読んでいない人はぜひ書店等でお求めください。

 "Super Grandma in Saga"
     Original Title :
  "Saga No Gabai Bachan"
      Written by :
    Yohichi Shimada
  Translation into English
    By Mike Matsutani

You cannot be happy without money.
It seems to me that people nowadays are tied up with such a thinking.

Children, too, are under the same mind contol and don't respect thier parents who don't take them to the Tokyo Disney Land or who don't buy them new clothes.
They have come to think they have no future because they do poorly at school or because they can't go to a good school.
More and more children are losing hope for tomorrow and turn to delinquency.

But in reality, you can live a happy life without money.
Why am I so sure?
Because I know my grandma did so.

She was born in 1900 (Meiji 33) and my mother is her daughter.
Since her husband died during the war in 1942 (Showa 17), she had worked as a cleaning woman at Saga University and its affiliated elementary school to bring up 7 children (5 girls and 2 boys).

When I began to live with her at her house in 1958 (Showa 33), she was already 58, but still working as a cleaning old woman.

She was poor but always enjoyed life.
I learned in daily life with her what is the real happiness.
I didn't realize how great she was until she passed away 9 year ago at the age of 91.

Now people are completely unaware of their big mistakes.
I feel as if they threw away the happiness that really existed 40 years ago and tried to pick up unhappiness.

Wake up, everydoby!
Listen to the story of Super Grandma!
Money can't buy happiness.
It depends on the way of thinking whether to be happy or unhappy.

<< to be continued tomorrow >>

be tied up with ~でしばられている
respect 尊敬する
come to think 考えるようになる
more and more children are する子供が増えてきている
turn to delinquency 非行に走る
bring up  育てる
didn't realize how great she was until ~するまで偉大さに気づかなかった
be completely unaware of  ~に全く気づいていない
feel as if  まるで~のように感じる
depends on the way of thinking 考え方による

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